Verse 1:
Hey there Mr. Politician Man
Tell me my favorite lies
About how we’re all gonna be OK
If we just let you drive
About how you’re gonna take care of us
If we just walk the line
Pay those taxes and national debts
Fight wars and maybe die
While you flaunt laws and break promises
And live large on our dime
Take all your bribes and backroom deals
Debase our money supply

Chorus 1:
Yeah, Mr. Politician Man
You bring us only blight
Yeah, Mr. Politician Man
Let’s cut you down to size

Verse 2:
Hey there Mr. Politician Man
Tell me all about your truth
The fairy tales we learned in civics class
Back when I was a youth
How your kind are just and righteous folk
Making all the world run smooth
From trade to culture, from work to play
Nothing is immune
Propaganda makes your world go round
But that’s not in dispute
And don’t mind the blood that’s on your hands
The price of freedom, forsooth

Chorus 2:
Yeah, Mr. Politician Man
You’re scum in all our eyes
Yeah, Mr. Politician Man
We’d be better off without your kind

Sygyt Solo

Verse 3:
Hey there Mr. Politician Man
Don’t tell me all your lies
‘Cause I know that we won’t be OK
If we dare let you drive
I know you won’t take care of us
So I won’t walk your line
Even if you did, fruit of poisoned trees
I still would not abide
The war and death you bring to us
May we all defy
Don’t look for me in your voting booth
‘Cause that just wastes my time

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Chylandyk Solo