Since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. on February 14 that left 17 people dead and 17 more wounded, there has been a renewed push for tougher gun laws. In the weeks since, schools around the nation have had organized protests in which students walked out of class. Some students traveled to Washington, D.C., and a larger event occurred there on March 24.

There is some lovely beachfront property in Arizona for sale for anyone who believes that this is truly a grassroots movement in which students are expressing their own opinions and planning their own events. Like other forms of establishment-friendly activism, this movement is greatly assisted (if not entirely orchestrated) by agents of the Cathedral and follows several guidelines which are common to other such movements. Let us deconstruct this movement to see how the establishment can manufacture and sustain such movements step-by-step.

1. Never let a crisis go to waste. Though the establishment is not above manufacturing a problem itself in order to have a pretext to impose its desired solution, less effort is required on their part to take advantage of events that happen without their direct involvement. (One might call compulsory education laws and lack of involuntary commitment of the mentally ill a form of direct involvement, but let us take direct involvement to mean conspiring with the shooters.) A number of high-profile mass shootings have occurred in recent years, and almost everyone agrees that this is a problem. However, fervor for more gun restrictions quickly waned after each previous shooting when token legislation either failed to pass or caused very little meaningful change and other events took over the news cycle. The progressives have learned from this, which brings us to the remaining points.

2. Call in support from other establishment-friendly movements. In this case, major players in the Women’s March are now helping with March For Our Lives. The American Civil Liberties Union is advising students on legal matters concerning school systems that threaten punishment of students who walk out of class to protest. Leftist public figures are providing generous financial support and speaking out. Non-profits like Everytown for Gun Safety are pitching in. This is to be expected; leftist activist movements frequently share personnel, taking advantage of experience in fundraising and organization from fellow-traveling organizations.

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