In the latter half of the 20th century, governments throughout the West passed legislation that forbids discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and other such factors. The mainstream narrative says that the market failed to protect people from evil bigots, so the state had to step in to save these poor minorities. The truth, as usual, is that the state caused this problem. This was done by legally requiring¬†business owners to deny service to certain types of people, officially segregating urban communities and public services, and teaching children a bigoted curriculum in government schools. While it would have sufficed to simply repeal all laws that mandated bigotry and segregation, statists will never let an opportunity to seize more control over people’s lives and liberties go to waste. The end result was that they kept violating private property rights and freedom of association, but inverted the purpose.

Given the ugliness of historical bigotry, the popular ignorance of historical truth, the backlash received by anyone who openly supports the rights of private property owners to exclude people, and the continued indoctrination of new generations with cultural Marxism, eliminating anti-discrimination laws by straightforward means is all but politically impossible. Fortunately for people who care about liberty and correctly understand it, there is another way. Let us consider the alternative method of not only agreeing with statists for the wrong reasons, but of amplifying and accelerating their laws all the way to their destruction.

In order to destroy an enemy properly, one must first understand that enemy. Contrary to popular belief, anti-discrimination laws inherently persecute the majority, for if discrimination occurred (or was at least thought to occur) randomly, no one would find them to be necessary. Those who support such laws must therefore build them on foundational beliefs in white supremacy, institutionalized misogyny, etc. Words such as ‘racism’ and ‘sexism,’ which once had clearly defined meanings, become corrupted to associate a present political opponent with a hated enemy from the past and weaponized to identify targets to punish with enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. More skillful linguistic warriors have invented new words such as ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ to further demonize majorities and non-deviants. Over time, leftist activists come to believe their own nonsense and fall into a holiness spiral that results in the social justice warriors that plague college campuses today.

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