The use of language by social justice warriors frequently departs from both the dictionary definitions and the common understanding of words by most of the general population. As such, a guide to social justice warrior speech may be helpful to the layperson, along with commentary about how their uses of words relate to reality. This will take the form of an informal and potentially humorous glossary, which will not be exhaustive due to some terms being understood in the same manner by social justice warriors and the layperson, and due to the continual invention of new terms. This glossary will focus on how such terms are used in practice rather than how social justice warriors might define them in theory. Whereas the first edition is the most popular post to ever grace this site and two years in which SJWs have become increasingly deranged have passed, I now present the second edition of the Glossary of Social Justice Warrior Terminology.

(noun): any criticism or negative sentiment that affects people with disabilities, regardless of validity.
(verb): condesplaining by a able-bodied person to a disabled person. See Condesplaining
(abbreviation): assigned female/male at birth. This tends to be a statement of biological reality concerning people whose brains do not conform to said reality.
(noun): any criticism or negative sentiment that affects young or old people, regardless of validity.
(verb): condesplaining to a person of a different age. See Condesplaining
(adjective): a person who identifies with no gender. Usually (but not always) a denial of biological reality.
(adjective): someone considered to be part of a privileged group who works with social justice warriors to achieve their goals.
(noun): any criticism or negative sentiment that affects Jewish people, regardless of validity.
(noun): the use of parts of a culture by someone who does not identify as a person from that culture. Although appropriation has been responsible for the spread of new and better ideas and technology throughout the world, social justice warriors view appropriation as problematic.
(adjective): a person who identifies as a mixture of two genders. Usually (but not always) a denial of biological reality. See Intersex
1. (noun): any criticism or negative sentiment that affects a group which is said to lack privilege, regardless of validity. See Ableism, Ageism, Anti-Semitism, Biphobia, Cissexism, Classism, Condesplaining, Heterosexism, Homophobia, Islamophobia, Racism, Religious oppression, Sexism, Transphobia
2. (noun): a combination of prejudice and power.
(noun): any criticism or negative sentiment that affects bisexuals, pansexuals, polysexuals, or genderfluid people, regardless of validity.
Birth-assigned sex
(noun): see AFAB/AMAB
(noun): the belief that socialism will result in gender equality. This term is used by social justice warriors to accuse fellow-travelers of sexism.
Body positivity
(noun): acceptance and advocacy of unhealthy body weight.

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